"My swear is to your name"

review and analysis on Soheil Mahmoudi's poem

Reza Bayat

This research is a review and analysis on the book "My swear is to your name" that is a collection of praises and threnodies of Soheil Mahmoudi. Early ten chapters of the book that are poets with different forms and spaces, are checked and is attempted to determine transposition of lyrics according to language symmetry, then, modality of expression and rhetoric arrays in poetry have been perused. The quantity of these arrays is conventional and usual and Mahmoudi poetry isn't unique in this respect. The most arrays are easy finder in the dimensions of quality too. The arrays in the poems at the end of the book have been used more easy and natural. It has been tried to represent the type of Mahmoudi imagine and compared with traditional imagination in 70th decade. Mahmoudi imagination is personal and non-duplication, meanwhile his similarities to modernists and blank verse poet's imagination. It is checked emotion type and how to express and appearance too. In content, it have been tried to discover the intellectual roots and themes of poet and compare the expression of thought of Mahmoudi with other like-minded poets. Ideas aren't presented in the form of crude in Mahmoudi poetry; But the result of historical, social and spiritual knowledge are appears in the form of emotional expression and thus his poetry deepens.


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